Release of new firmware for Sony Readers PRS-350/650/950 with touch screen support!

Main features:

  • Support for all major ebook, image, compression audio formats.
  • In-book dictionary
  • Ability to install additional dictionaries and fonts
  • Simple and intuitive interface, fully functional file manager and many other features

Download installers from here:

When alternative firmware is installed there is easy way to return to original fimrware

Supported formats:

  • Books: PDF, DOC, EPUB, RTF, HTML, CHM, TXT, DJVU, FB2, PDB, PRC, TCR, ZIP, RAR including multi-file ZIP и RAR compressed files
  • Comics formats: CBR, CBZ
  • Image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD, PICT, PCX, PGM, PPM, SGI, TGA
  • Music: MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AAC

All features of alternative firmware:

  • Quick start (less than 5 seconds)
  • Simple and convenient interface
  • Fully functional file manager with support of all types of file operations.
  • Flexible user settings, such as fonts, page settings, supported languages, custom fonts etc.
  • Convenient in-book navigation
  • Bookmark, page and page layout settings
  • Flexible settings for  PDF/DjVu,CBR/CBZ and images scaling (zoom).
  • Bilt-in dictionary, support for custom dictionaries.
  • Screen capture

Current version has six applicaitons: Chess, Sudoku, Calculator, Schultse table and Dictionary in addition to the built–in dictionary.

73 thoughts on “Release of new firmware for Sony Readers PRS-350/650/950 with touch screen support!

  1. Прошу помощи, являюсь владельцем PRS-300, все поиски в сети нормальной прошивки приводят так или иначе к Вам но!!!:
    for PRS-350
    for PRS-650
    for PRS-950
    Ради интереса запустил экзешник 350, но мою 300 установщик не увидел…
    Как быть?…

  2. I have purchased Sony e reader PRS950, but after adding books I found that device doesn’t support cyrllic fonts. what should I do in this case? Is there any way of installing cyrllic fonts. It is very important for me :(

  3. I like your firmware! It is fast and the rendering of pages it seems better than that on the default firmware. The ability to use a custom dictionary is fantastic. Have you planned to implement the possibility to highlight and annotate on books? Thanks!

  4. Dear sir,
    I bought the PRS-650 from Japan, and has been upgrade the device version to However the new firmware does not support this device version. Is there any alternative soluation for this problem? such as downgrade the device version…etc.
    Many thanks for your kindly support.

  5. Currently we do not support original Japan firmware.

    From Installation Guide:
    Firmware eBook Applications can be installed to Sony devices with following original firmware versions:
    PRS-350 – v. and v.,
    PRS-650 – v. and v.,
    PRS-950 – v. and v.

    Please try downgrade original firmware and install ours.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Is there any solution to downgrade to v.
    I have searched the SONY offical site, no assist provided.

  7. Hi!
    Good job.
    But… Do you have any idea about isilo format?
    No any information about any ereader is able to sapport that format.

  8. Thank you for your effort…
    Everything is ok. but there are some problems in Korean.
    How can I view Korean language in dictionary and book’s title?

  9. Excellent job, really! I love you guys.

    Just a couple of issues:

    1) When I turn the device off, the screen of my 650 does not get completely blank. How can this be fixed?

    2) Sometimes when I read a book (even in .epub format) the device gets stuck, rapidly discharging the battery, and there is no way to restart it unless I giggle with the usb cable in and out for like an hour. this can be really annoying, especially if I’m away from my computer;

    3) Can you make it support “.lit” format?

    4) Is it normal to take 10 seconds to open a pure text book?

    Thank you so much, and really congrats for your firmware. Now I don’t regret anymore having bought a Reader!


    PS Where can I find some other dictionaries?

  10. >>>> Sometimes when I read a book (even in .epub format) the device gets stuck, rapidly discharging the battery, and there is no way to restart it unless I giggle with the usb cable in and out for like an hour. this can be really annoying, especially if I’m away from my computer<<<<

    I had the same issue the other day with the device getting stuck while loading a book in .epub format/changing font size. The solution was to do a "soft reset" and then restart the device.

  11. a question, I found a Spanish dictionary, I mean a Spanish – Spanish for the DRAE, then the format that I found this dictionary is (. dz), but nothing more, or (. idx) or (. ifo), only one file (. dz), so does the EBOOKAPPLICATIONS recognize me this dictionary?

    sorry for my English

  12. Hi Ebookapplications Team

    Thank you very much for your effort to make such kind nice firmware.
    Now I am using Sony PRS 350 with your firmware 1.11.1.OS.

    Dictionary :
    The best option I love love love. The Custom Dictionary build on Stardict format is great. I can create my own dictionary then just put it inside without any problem.

    Nice on reading : Only for FB2 and RTF format. EPUB and others is so slow.
    So all of my ebook collection I have to convert to FB2 first, so I have to loss the CSS format on EPUB. But it is not a big deal for me as long as Custum Dictionary available.

    Ebookapplications Teams :
    1. Could you please just create Custum Dictionary on Stardic as like on Duokan Format (On Kindle 3). On Duokan format we just paste all those 3 stardict files on the same folder. For Example En-France, En-Latin, Eng-Indonesian etc etc. When we read only tab the word and the meaning just pop up. (Your version must need to choice which dictionary we use)

    Diego (this is my version that worked for me), I have got same problem as you before and got trial and error).
    1. Just install as like admin steps above.
    2. Do not Delete En-Ru, Only paste yours 3 Stardic dictionary files in this folder. (I create my own dictionary with Stardict Editor.
    3. If you failed, go to step 1 again and do this :
    – Compress file .dict with 7zip, and rename
    4. Put these all 3 files to En-Ru Folder : dictionary_name.idx, dictionary_name.ifo,

    Good Luck Brother.

    For Ebookapplications Teams, keep update please.
    Still waiting for faster version :)

  13. Can someone please help me. I have a sony prs 900 reader. But it has only an English dictionary installed. I downloaded some dic files of other dictionaries. I need a portuguese english dic, a spanish english dic and a french english dic. How to install them?

  14. Dear Sony Reader 350:

    After the reader’s battery gets low, I naturally, charge it through the computer interface line.

    After a while the red light goes off.

    When I try to get back to the book text, the reader flashes and returns to the same position. Simply said, I cannot get it started again!

    What to do?????

    Thank you for any advice, but please, no comp jargon, just simple English.

    Thank you very much.



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