The release for Sony Reader PRS 350, 650 and 950 is around the corner!

Enjoy touch experience with all the benefits of our firmware on soon-to-be released firmware for PRS 350/650/950.
Our firmware has received a stellar reviews from beta-testers and is ready for prime-time. Stay tuned and don’t forget that you can ask questions and post your feedback on our freshly de-spammed forum.

5 thoughts on “The release for Sony Reader PRS 350, 650 and 950 is around the corner!

  1. Hello,

    is there any chance of improving the firmware for Sony PRS-505? Probably the most serious problem with that is its inefficient use of battery power – the battery dies way too fast!

    Still, it is nice to know the project is still up and running.

    Good luck!

  2. Sorry, but we do not have any plans to develop our firmware for old models such as 600, 900, etc.
    We will partly support our firmware 300/505 models, but our primary task is x50 platform.

  3. I am very interested in this project, knew only PRSPLUS but observing the descriptions given in the presentation firmware, I see more potential and possibilities for the user.I have really wanted to try it!, But first wanted to know if is there a manual uninstall in case something goes wrong?, I have a prs950 READER

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