Alternative software for Sony eReaders!

Alternative firmware for Sony eReaderWe are pleased to announce general availability of free alternative firmware for Sony eReader devices (for models PRS-505 and Pocket Edition PRS–300)

eBook Applications firmware does not delete any files of original Sony software or in any way interfere with the way it works. User has an opportunity to return back to original software at any time.

Supported formats:
FB2, PDB, PRC, TCR, ZIP and multifile ZIP.

Other features of eBookApplications firmware:

  • Convenient and fast user interface
  • Support for many languages
  • Fast page flipping and opening books
  • Advanced file manager
  • Flexible users settings

This software has been developed to address numerous user complains about inconveniences of the original software and weak support of popular book formats and languages.

At the moment Sony eReaders are the best devices on the market in terms of price and quality. Design, screen and electronics are far better that competing products. The only disadvantage is barely functional original software.

With our firmware Sony eReader users will get the opportunity to read books in their preferred formats using fast and convenient user interface on reliable on relatively inexpensive ebook reader devices from Sony.

To install the firmware:

  • unpack the archive and copy its content to the root of the internal memory on your device.
  • Press RESET and power on your eReader again
  • When device is started you suppose to see the firmware selection menu where you can choose between options to start the original Sony firmware or eBookApplications firmware.
  • Select eBookApplications option and wait for 10 seconds while it is loading. Please note that THERE IS NO LOADING INDICATOR, so be patient.
  • Default user interface language is English, you can change this to other languages in Settings -> General Settings -> Interface Language.

3 thoughts on “Alternative software for Sony eReaders!

  1. Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 5:25 pm Quote Edit Delete
    Добрый день.
    У родителей PRS-300, уже год, прошивка – E-book.
    Сегодня у них появился странный глюк, невозможно войти в прошивку E-book:

    когда появляется экран с выбором E-book и СОНИ, то при выборе E-book книжка прокручивает загрузку… и возвращается в меню выбора E-book и СОНИ.
    При этом загрузить прошивку СОНИ можно без проблем -вот только у них все книги в формате fb2.

    Они пробовали несколько раз выключаться, даже полное отключение делали – ничего не меняется, загрузить прошивку E-book не удается.

    Подскажите, что делать?

    PS версию прошивки E-book не помню (заливал ее более года назад), ее же загрузить все равно не удается…

  2. Сохраните свои данные, отформатируйте внутреннюю память и переустановите прошивку.

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