February 26, 2014

New breed of eBook Readers was born – meet Akunin Book, first Author eReader

Akunin Book

Akunin Book

eBook Applications LLC and bestselling Russian writer Boris Akunin in collaboration with Mac Center are launching first in its class Author eBook Reading device – Akunin Book. Akunin Book features preinstalled content, live updates from Boris Akunin and it is all combined with refined eReading software from eBook Applications.

Akunin Book already received rave reviews from industry experts and great feedback from early users.

March 7, 2012

New version – improved performance, stability and browser for PRS–950

We spent last month working on optimizations and stability of the firmware. Also great news for PRS-950 users — we have a browser  for them.

Enjoy and give us your feedback.

Download installers from here:

January 1, 2012

New versionТ for Sony PRS-350, PRS-650 and PRS 950


  • Improved support for ePub, now with CSS.
  • New settings option for swipe direction for page flipping
  • Splash screen added.
  • Number of other stability and performance improvements and fixes
  • Improved Help
November 9, 2011

Release of new firmware for Sony Readers PRS-350/650/950 with touch screen support!

Main features:

  • Support for all major ebook, image, compression audio formats.
  • In-book dictionary
  • Ability to install additional dictionaries and fonts
  • Simple and intuitive interface, fully functional file manager and many other features

Download installers from here:


November 4, 2011

Help us to localize our firmware so it supports your language.

Dear users of our firmware for Sony eReaders!

We need your help to translate the interface to your native language. Any fixes to existing files are very appreciated as well.
You can download zip-archive with all the existing translations from here. When done send us your file to info@ebookapplications.com.

We already have the following localizations:

•Brazilian Portugal
•Chinese Traditional
•Chinese Simplified

Thank you very much for all your help with localization files!

We need further help us with other languages. We still don’t have other Scandinavian translations, Arabic, Asian languages and any language that is missing in our list.

October 31, 2011

The release for Sony Reader PRS 350, 650 and 950 is around the corner!

Enjoy touch experience with all the benefits of our firmware on soon-to-be released firmware for PRS 350/650/950.
Our firmware has received a stellar reviews from beta-testers and is ready for prime-time. Stay tuned and don’t forget that you can ask questions and post your feedback on our freshly de-spammed forum.
October 29, 2011

Firmware for Sony eReaders v1.10.0.4 with Applications!!!

Change log:

1. Added applications: Chess, Calculator, Sudoku, Minesweeper, Shultz table.

2. Ukrainian localization. (We need your further help with UI localizations!)

3. Improvements in Fonts Settings.

4. Minor changes and bug-fixes.

For developers: SDK for applications development for our firmware is coming soon!

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

September 18, 2011

Screenshots of alternative firmware for Sony eReaders


August 22, 2011

New firmware for eBook Readers

eBook Applications developed an independent firmware for eBook Readers. OEM”s that are interested to license or to learn more about it are welcomed to contact us. We will be providing test licenses to try it on their hardware.

Supported formats:

  • Pictures: JPEG, PNG
  • Music: MP3

eBook Applications firmware also has flexible user settings for fonts, layout, bookmarks and many other features which became standard for best OEM’s.

Modular application framework allows users to install additional applications, including vocabulary which has convenient interface and translates unfamiliar words without quitting the book.

eBook Applications also offers customization services for the software, which can be easily customized to suite specific device hardware as well as look and feel requirements

June 1, 2011

Alternative software for Sony eReaders!

Alternative firmware for Sony eReaderWe are pleased to announce general availability of free alternative firmware for Sony eReader devices (for models PRS-505 and Pocket Edition PRS–300)

eBook Applications firmware does not delete any files of original Sony software or in any way interfere with the way it works. User has an opportunity to return back to original software at any time.

Supported formats:
FB2, PDB, PRC, TCR, ZIP and multifile ZIP.

Other features of eBookApplications firmware:

  • Convenient and fast user interface
  • Support for many languages
  • Fast page flipping and opening books
  • Advanced file manager
  • Flexible users settings

This software has been developed to address numerous user complains about inconveniences of the original software and weak support of popular book formats and languages.

At the moment Sony eReaders are the best devices on the market in terms of price and quality. Design, screen and electronics are far better that competing products. The only disadvantage is barely functional original software.

With our firmware Sony eReader users will get the opportunity to read books in their preferred formats using fast and convenient user interface on reliable on relatively inexpensive ebook reader devices from Sony.

To install the firmware:

  • unpack the archive and copy its content to the root of the internal memory on your device.
  • Press RESET and power on your eReader again
  • When device is started you suppose to see the firmware selection menu where you can choose between options to start the original Sony firmware or eBookApplications firmware.
  • Select eBookApplications option and wait for 10 seconds while it is loading. Please note that THERE IS NO LOADING INDICATOR, so be patient.
  • Default user interface language is English, you can change this to other languages in Settings -> General Settings -> Interface Language.